'Iolani Swim Club Program

'Iolani Swim Club (ISC) is a competitive swimming program which caters to the needs of swimmers of all ages and levels of development, from the six year-old beginner to the Olympic medalist. We are committed to the task of providing all of our members with an opportunity to "Be the Best that You Can Be" and enjoy the many benefits that competitive swimming has to offer such as:


  •  Appreciating the value of hard work, self-discipline and commitment
  • Learning to contribute to a team effort 
  • Enhancing self-image and building confidence 
  • Learning how to be successful


We have team travel opportunities from an inter-island trip to an international trip, depending on the level of development.


Overview: We will be able to accomplish our objectives by recruiting the most qualified coaches available and establishing clearly defined priorities, training plans, and performance standards for each distinct level of instruction. As our swimmers progress through the ranks, they gradually acquire the skills which are necessary for them to develop their potentials to the best of their ability.

These skills include the following:

  1. Mechanical skills (stroke mechanics, starts, turns, finishes)
  2. Physical conditioning 
  3. Phsycological skills:
    • goal setting
    • relaxation
    • mental rehearsal
    • concentration

Although participation through all of the following levels of instruction is our goal for every swimmer, each level is designed to provide a valuable and rewarding experience in its own right.


1. Developmental Training Program (Bronze Group)

Ages 6-9 years old - 40 minutes to 45 minutes per session: 3 times a week


  • Basic skill and stroke development
  • Training concepts and protocol


2. Developmental Training Program (Silver Group)

Ages 8-12 years old - 1 hour to 1 & 1/2 hour per session: 4-5 times a week


  • Teaching the basic mechanics of the four competitive strokes
  • Teaching starts, turns, and finishes
  • Physical conditioning
  • Evaluating progress in a few competitions, if desired


3. Age Group (Gold Group)

Ages 11-14 years old - 1 & 1/2 hour to 2 hours per session (including dry land): 5 times a week


  • Reinforcement of age group emphasis areas
  •  Mental training (focusing on positive self-concept)
  • Encouragement of group sportsmanship
  • Provide appropriate competitive meet experiences to measure each swimmers progress
  • Additional education in the areas of nutritional needs, training, and competitions
  • Introduction of specialization of distance and events according to the individual swimmer’s potential


4. Senior Group

Ages 13+ years old - 2 to 2 & 1/2 hours per session: 8-11 times a week


  • Reinforcement of age group emphasis
  • Mental attitude training
  • Development of energy systems for maximum performance
  • Supplemental strength and power training
  • Guidance toward stroke specialization into areas of greatest potential


6. ISC Masters



Our coaching staff is currently recruiting male and female swimmers ages 6 years and up for the 'Iolani Swim Club. Candidates who are accepted will compete in local, state, national, and international events. A competitive Masters training program is also offered.

"We've pooled together the finest resources to train the finest pool of talent and be ONE TEAM"