KSC Wins 2014 Long Course State Championships!



Congratulations to all the swimmers that participated in the 2014 Long Course State Championships.  KSC came away from the meet with their 24th straight State Championship title.  A very competitive meet pushed the swimmers to very fast times.  Five individual Hawaiian State Records were broken by KSC swimmers.  For the 17-18 age group Ryan Stack broke the 100 Free record with a 51.60, and Jasmine Mau took down the 200 Fly record with a 2:16.49.  10 and under Grace Monahan broke three records over the course of the meet.  Her 1:05.42 in the 100 Free broke a 25 year old record, and her 32.15 50 Fly and 1:11.51 100 Fly broke her own previous records.  Four KSC swimmers also won high point awards: Grace Monahan 10 and under girls, Allen Hayakawa 13-14 boys, Jasmine Mau 17-18 girls, and Ryan Stack 17-18 boys.  Ten Hawaiian State Records in relays below highlighted the team effort by all.  Great job to all the swimmers!




Open  200 MR    2:00.14  Anu Nihipali, Corrine Shigeta, Summer Harrison, Jasmine Mau

15-16  800 FR    8:49.55  Maia Petrides, Lara Yasumi, Rebecca Walton, Lia Foster

17-18  200 FR    1:51.73  Summer Harrison, Corrine Shigeta, Jasmine Mau, Anu Nihipali

17-18  800 FR    8:44.21  Sydney Kimura, Lena Hayakawa, Jasmine Mau, Summer Harrison

17-18  200 MR   2:00.14  Anu Nihipali, Corrine Shigeta, Summer Harrison, Jasmine Mau

17-18  400 MR   4:26.25 Anu Nihipali, Corrine Shigeta, Summer Harrison, Jasmine Mau



17-18  200 FR   1:37.06  Ryan Stack, Kanoa Kaleoaloha, Sean Terada, Kevin Frifeldt

17-18  400 FR   3:34.36  Kanoa Kaleoaloha, Kevin Frifeldt, Arkayeh Prange, Ryan Stack

17-18  800 FR   7:57.79  Kevin Frifeldt, Kanoa Kaleoaloha, Arkayeh Prange, Ryan Stack

17-18  200 MR  1:51.44  Ryan Stack, Connor Damaschi, Kevin Frifeldt, Kanoa Kaleoaloha