Our club uses Team Unify for attendance, dues tracking, registration and meet entry.  When you first register with Maui Dolphins, Each family gets an account to sign-in and look up your account, child's attendance, and swimmer times.  An email is sent to you within a week, you create your own password, and then you have access.

You can also follow your account, upcoming swim meets and more on your Smart Phone (Android or iDevice) downloading the Team Unify app "OnDeck Parent".  Same login info ... club code "himdsc".

All our meets have live results on Meet Mobile ... a free Android & iPhone/iPad/iPod app.

Parents are expected to support the club ... see our parent volunteer at the front desk to see how you can help in your special way.

Parents Swimming During Workouts:

One of the benefits parents may have is the chance to swim/exercise during practice ... so you can go home with your children after practice and take care of homework and dinner and putting them to bed.  Here are the requirements, rules & limitations:

  • You must be registered with USMS.  Here's the form.  (USA-Swimming and USMS share the same insurer and allow masters and age groupers to swim together as long as a masters coach is overseeing (and can see) all swimmers.  Here's a link to the paper registration form (check required to "Hawaii Masters Swim Association); or (better) register online.
    • With USMS registration, You can also swim any of the masters workouts ... Maui Masters Mon-thru-Thur 6-7:30pm or Sat 7:30-9am; or Valley Isle Masters MWF 5:45-7:15am ... just pay the normal masters dues for those practices.
  • Children get priority: Maui Dolphins is first, an age group swim club ... we're here for YOUR children.  They come first.  If there's room, you may swim in an empty lane.  During High School (Nov to mid-Feb), and sometimes 'til 5 during HS Water Polo (spring), there will not be lanes.  You may have to share and "circle swim".  If you're FAST, you can workout with the faster high school swimmers.
  • Watch Your Other Children: If you have other young children with you, you must have someone watching them for you ... they canNOT be left running around on deck.
  • Get permission first: Before getting in, make sure one of the coaches gives you permission.
  • Please Volunteer.  Please also take some time to help out the club.