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First, here are some basic swimming information for the competitive and recreational swimmer:Swimming Strokes, Tips, Techniques, and Jargon  For those swimmers who are using public pools, there are also some standards for swimmers in general using pools, circle swimming, and safety wise.

Click for a presentation on USMS vs USA-S officiating.

Resistance Training, Weight Training, Stretching as essential complements to top Swimming
Resistance Training and Weight Training are an essential complement to top swimming.  For younger swimmers, resistance training without added weight is sufficient to build bodies without hurting bones, tendons or muscles.  Older swimmers (approx age 13-14 or High School age depending on body type and build) can and should add in some weight training.  Resistance training includes exercises you can do without special equipment: sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, dips, press-outs, jumps (fast low straight knee and bigger higher slower, throw downs and the like.  Sit-ups, press-outs, dips and jumps really focus on the key areas for swimming and should be part of any weight training, too.  Weight training can supplement strength training with weights, free weights, Vasa (TM) Trainers and more.  Stretching should be included as part of warm-ups and between swimming and weight sets to keep from tightening up.  It is always best to finish a weight workout with at least (!) 500 yards of swimming to stretch out and keep from tightening up and bulking up.  At least one on-line article is here.  USA-Swimming says ...

Look again soon for more updates on strength training and stretching.

For more information about swimming organizations around Maui, Hawaii, the US and the world, for different aspects of swimming and other water sports, check out the following websites.

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