Coach & Meeting Time


Typical Workouts


Scott Pinter




* These swimmers are our top young athletes.

* We develop all strokes and work distances.

* Challenge swimmers with longer and/or faster sets in ALL strokes.

 * Improve swim

 * Teach sprint techniques.

 * Teach fast starts and turns.

 * These swimmers should swim as many swim meets and ocean swims as possible with the goals to qualify for fast times in their age groups.

3,200-5000+ yards per 1½ hour workout.

Sets of 50’s, 100’s, 200’s & 400’s at various speeds. Descending (get faster each repeat), build up (faster w/in a specific race).

We try to do starts and sprint 25’s almost daily during racing season (50m LCM March-June, and 25y SCY September-December).

We encourage on-deck supervised strength/ resistance training and sit-ups before workout … and extra kick sets after.

Spinner Dolphins

Scott Pinter




Transition our Flippers to learn to swim fast & race.

Teach “intervals” or “repeats” with typical distances of 25, 50, 100 and sometimes 200 yds.

* Learn butterfly so the swimmer can do a 50 non-stop

* Teach swimmers to swim fast and slow - correctly.

* These swimmers are encouraged to participate in swim meets twice each season.

Teach racing starts and begin flip turns.

We do a down-scaled version of the workout done by our Silver dolphins.

* Swimmers typically swim 25-3500 yards.

* We mix a series of kicking and swimming drills to reinforce good techniques, then apply those drills to a “set” of repeats.