Coaches and Directors

Coaches and Directors
Coaching Staff
Malcolm Cooper Head Coach; Orcas & Spinners Mon-Fri
David Rostetter Striped Dolphins Tue & Thu
Antonieta Sinnott Spotted Dolphins Mon/Wed; Official

Toni grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  She started swimming as a teenager, but soon was coaching her swim team.  She has coached Maui Masters for 10 years, and has taught kids swimming as an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor in many places around the world but most recently in Kihei and Sakamoto Pools on Maui.  She is also the Hawaii Masters Swimming Association Registrar.

Sandra Drake Striped/Spotted M-F; Official

Coach Sandy has been involved with swimming since she was 9 swimming for her first team called the Morada Mini-Subs.  She continued swimming age group, high school, and some college.  She also played club water polo where she eventually met her husband, Kevin.  Sandy coached swimming for Tokay High School in California, age group with Stockton Aquatics, Mason City Swim Club, Team Orlando Masters, and now has returned to coaching with the Maui Dolphins.  Sandy is also a swimming official having been to several National level meets in various positions.  She was the Meet Referee for the 2015 Winter Junior Nationals in Austin, Texas and the 2017 Arena Pro Series in Mesa, Arizona.  Sandy has been selected to officiate at the 2017 World Championships in Budapest, Hungary for Open Water.  She is on the USA Swimming National Official's Committee heading the Open Water division for officials.  She is also the Official's Chair for Hawaiian Swimming.

Nancy Page Bottlenose & Intro Dolphins

Nancy was born and raised in Idaho.  She started swimming recreation leagues at the age of eight. At 14, she became a lifeguard at her local pool and at 16 she began teaching swim lessons. All Red Cross Certified.

In 2000, Nancy moved to Arizona where she continued to lifeguard and teach. At the Arizona Country Club and the Phoenix Country Club, she started coaching and continued for five years. On the move again, she was one of two coaches for the Prescott YMCA Team for a year.

Nancy took a break from coaching to grow her family, but started teaching backyard lessons again when her children were small.  She taught all four of her children to swim along with dozens of other little ones.

In 2012, Nancy became Head Coach her first USA registered team, the Winnemucca Whitewater Team. She coached that team for two years before moving here to Maui where she now coaches the Intro and Bottlenose groups with the Maui Dolphins.

Nancy is very passionate about teaching little ones to swim. She enjoys nothing more than watching her children perform so well at something that she loves so much.

James O'Brien Intro to Swim Mon-Thur; Striped Fri
Jesseca Kalawe-Oswald Molokai Coach

Jesseca has been coaching with us since 2013.

Amanda Labriola Molokai Coach

Amanda has been with us starting in 2016.  She also coaches the Molokai High School team.

Kevin Drake Substitute/Backup Coach and Meet Support
Janet Renner Sub Coach, Lessons
Aurora Belk Pukalani Coach on sabbatical til 2018
Jessica Ford Molokai Coach (sabbatical)

On Sabbatical pursuing masters degree, but still in>

Victoria Newberry Aka'Ula Coach
Sandra Patterson Lanai Coach
Nicolas Brilliande Lanai Coach
Marylou Kaukeano Lanai Lifeguard
Board of Directors
Carolann Barrett President
John Wise VP
Malcolm Cooper Head Coach
Aja Eyre