VISITORS: Use the drop down menu under VISITORS to access information about WHEN and WHERE to swim with our Maui Teams. 

All 5 Maui Age Group (and 2 Masters) clubs welcome visitors to practice with us, and to participate in our pool & ocean competitions. Visitors are welcomed from other USA-Swimming clubs around the islands, from the mainland, and athletes associated with clubs affiliated with FINA organizations from other countries (see bottom). Each of the County Pools listed above has both USA and Masters Clubs.

You'll find a map of Maui, Clubs, Pools and Beaches here.
There are also drop-down menu items for Swimming meets, foreign visitors, masters, other Island meet schedule, and Open Water Swimming.

Check the LSC Hawaiian Swimming's webpage.

If Masters, check LMSC webpage.

Maui has 6 pools (4x 50 meter, 2x 25 yd) that host swim teams. Info on ALL Maui County pools and programs can be found on the Maui County website: here or here. Here's a a brochure you can print with all pool and program info. There's also a public 25m pool on Molokai if visiting there. (Lanai, Molokai & Kahoolawe are all part of Maui County.) Note that if going during "open" hours, lifeguards are often short so they sometimes close for lunch, and summer & winter program for kids uses many of the pools from 9-11 & 1-3 daily. You can call for daily pool info at (808)270-8208 which should be updated by 9am.

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