Swim Groups

Rainbow Aquatics includes practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. Coaches determine swim group placements for all swimmers. Adjustments/advancements are made based on coaches’ observations.

Novice Group (Tier 1) 

Please note that this group is only available March through October.

  • Focus: Introduction to the four strokes, refining stroke and kicking techniques, preparing swimmers for the Beginner level.
  • Competition target: Intra-club meet approximately 2 times a year
  • Skill Requirements:
    • Float on stomach and back for a minimum of 10 seconds
    • Front kick unassisted for 15 feet
  • ​USA Swimming Membership: Flex


Beginner Group (Tier 2)

  • Focus: Competitive stroke technique, introduction to competitive swimming, basic swimming body positions, transitions, kicking and breathing.
  • Competition target: ABC and classified meets (recommend 2 meets per season)
  • Attendance is recommended 3 times per week.
  • Skill Requirements:
    • Freestyle 50 yards
    • Backstroke 25 yards
    • Breaststroke 25 yards
    • Butterfly Kick 25 yards
  • ​USA Swimming Membership: Premium


Intermediate Group (Tier 3)

  • Focus: Continued focus on stroke technique, building efficiency, strength, and endurance; and fostering a sense of character.
  • Competition target: A+ meets, Invitationals, State Championships, Age Group Sectionals, Zones (11 and under).
  • Attendance is recommended 4 times per week.
  • Skill Requirements:
    • Freestyle 200 yards with bi-lateral breathing
    • Backstroke 100 yards
    • Breaststroke 100 yards
    • Butterfly 50 yards
    • 200 Individual Medley
    • Flip turns and finishes
  • ​USA Swimming Membership: Premium


Senior Group (Tier 4)

  • Focus: Continued focus on stroke efficiency, building strength, performance and endurance, performance andcompetition, and building leadership skills.
  • Competitiontarget: Invitationals, Senior and Age Group State Championships, Zones, Senior Sectionals, Junior Nationals, Senior Nationals
  • 95% attendance rate is highly recommended.
  • Skill Requirements:
    • Freestyle 500 yards with bi-lateral breathing
    • A-times in all 4 strokes 
    • 300 Individual Medley
    • 10x50 freestyle on a minute holding under 45 seconds
  • ​USA Swimming Membership: Premium

"Target Meets/Competition Targets" refers to the focus of the group and does not mean swimmers cannot participate in other types of meets. Final meet entries will be approved by coaches.  

The team strives to offer age specific training for all athletes geared towards challenging and developing each individual to the best of their abilities. Email [email protected].com to schedule a tryout or request more information.