Support Splash Aquatics

When you use any of the following organizations, a portion of your spending can be donated to Splash Aquatics, at no additional cost!

Hawaiian Airlines Preferred Affiliate Program

Hawaiian Airlines Logo

Use our Hawaiian Airlines Preferred Affiliate site to book any of your inter-island and mainland flights. Splash will receive one mile for every dollar spent purchasing tickets. The best thing is that travelers still get their regular Hawaiian Miles when they travel or when they use their Hawaiian Airlines MC for purchasing tickets. It's a win-win... the club benefits and the member gets their same amount of miles (and same low airline prices) as they normally would receive if they purchased their tickets on the regular Hawaiian Airlines website. In addition, for any mainland flights, you will get a 5% discount of the price of your ticket when you book through our Preferred Affiliate site.

Use the Preferred Affiliate Program Code "Splash" to log in to the site. Once you log in, simply book your ticket as you normally would.

Amazon Smile Program

This program is similar to the Hawaiian Airlines Preferred Affiliate program. Simply use the link below to log in to your Amazon account as you normally would, and shop as you normally would at Amazon at the same Amazon prices. Splash will receive a percentage of the total amount spent on the website.

You may also bookmark or save the following link to Splash's Amazon Smile account:

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