Welcome Jonny Dray and Brad Meacham to the SKA coaching Staff. Jonny working mostly with Silvers and Brad is volunteering with Gold and Seniors

Curt Colby

Swimmers use your tools and develope into the best swimmer you can be!     Swim meets soon to be posted!

SKA welcome Jonny Dray, an accomplished swimmer form University of Mass, Amherst and most recently a Harvard Swim Camp Coach. Also welcome Brad Meacham, a retired coach of 15 years, most recently a 13-14 coach at prestigious Santa Clara Swim Club in California. With their addition to the coaching staff, we as coaches, have increased our discussions and application of various drills and technique. I started an in depth study of technique 50 years ago with the reading of Doc Councilman's book "The Science of Swimming" He had coached numerous world record holders and Olympic Champions and was a close associate of Soichi Sokamoto in his later years of coaching. The book was a revolutionary work using underwater videoing to analyze the best swimmers of the time. In those 50 years many ideas have come and gone but some have stood in the test of time. All of our coaches have swum and coached at various times during this period of 50 years. We have accumulated many ideas and experiences in our careers. We as coaches, are collaberating to give you the most clear and consistent direction in all the techical aspects of your competitive swimming. As swimmers who are recieving our coaching ideas, we consider it your job to integrate these ideas into your swimming. Only you can swim your races. As coaches we can give you the tools but it's up to you to use them to be the best swimmer you can be.

We have 2 SKA swim meets coming up: Nov 16th and Dec 14th. soon to be posted and off Island meets coming up Senior Champs Nov 22-24 and an ABC meet at Aulea Dec 14th.   Keep being the Awesome swimmers that you are!  Mahalo Coach Curt