Aloha SKA 'Ohana,

It appears that it's nearly impossible to stay up to date with updates and announcements these days, but we at Swim Kauai Aquatics are doing our best to stay informed and follow the suggestions given by health officials regarding COVID-19.  
In a statement put out on 3/17/20 by USA Swimming, they have extended the suspension of all USA Swimming sanctioned events through April 30, 2020.  They also said:
As of today, the CDC and White House are urging a nationwide halt to gatherings of more than 10 people for the next eight weeks, citing the risk of the coronavirus. This includes avoiding eating or drinking in bars, restaurants, and food courts, and discretionary travel, shopping trips and social visits. This should also include team training and practices."  
As a board, we have decided to follow the recommendation of USA Swimming and suspend all practices and other events sponsored by SKA until April 30, 2020.  This may be amended at anytime as new information and guidelines are released. 
On April 1, 2020, you will not be charged swimming dues for the month of April.  Dues will resume when the team returns to practice.  It is up to each individual swimmer/family to cancel or maintain their YMCA membership during the practice suspension. It is unclear whether the YMCA will remain open as many gyms in the community have begun to shutter their doors.   
We urge all swimmers and their families to follow the recommendations of health officials by cleaning your hands often and effectively, avoiding close contact with others, staying home if you are sick, and covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing.
If you have any questions, please contact team administration.
Ikaika Perreira
President, Swim Kauai Aquatics