IF YOU ARE NEW TO SWIM KAUAI AQUATICS, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER ONLINE UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN DIRECTED TO DO SO BY THE COACH OR TEAM REGISTRAR.  Please call Doreen at 808-822-5055 to schedule a trial session so that your child can be placed in the appropriate swim group PRIOR to registering onine.

To complete the online registration, please follow these instructions:

  1. Click Here to go to the Registration Page
  2. Click on “Continue or Check Status”
  3. Click on "Create New Account" and follow the prompts on screen to create an account. 
    1. Create password
    2. "Resend Verification" - means - go to your email and continue from there.
    3. Fill in billing information (Address/Phone)
    4. Parents/Guardians (if there is only one parent/guardian, fill in the information twice)
    5. Insurance Info
    6. Emergency Contact
    7. Click Continue
  4. Add Members
    1. Click "+Add Member" in the upper right corner.  Fill out swimmer information in pop up box.  Don't forget to select appropriate Swim Group.
    2. Click boxes for Medical Release Waiver, Liability Waiver & Doping Acknowledgement.
    3. Click Continue.

Registration Fee:  

Swim Team:

  1. SKA Annual Fee (Required).  Select "Yes - Pay this fee now"
  2. Select ONE choice "USA Swimming Registration ($88.00)" or "USA Swimming Flex Reg. ($30.00) - 12/under only - (2 meet limit)" and select "Yes - Pay this fee now"
  3. Repeat for each swimmer.
  4. Select Payment Method - Credit Card
  5. Proceed to Checkout
  6. Checkout

​SUMMER Swim Program:

  1.   Select "Summer Swim Program" - $50.00, then "Pay this Now"


  1. Fill out billing/credit card information
  2. Submit Registration