We're so glad you had a great experience at Pre-Team 2019 and are ready to step up to swimming on our team!  Please follow these directions.

Before attempting to register, please contact Doreen Tanaka (registrar) at 808-822-5055 to get your login information.  An account was created for you when you joined Pre-Team.  As a pre-team member, you are already registered as a "Flex" member which is good until December 31, 2019.  If you think you will continue swimming beyond December, we encourage you to register for the new year now to avoid any lapse in membership.


To complete the online registration, please follow these instructions:

  1. Click Here to go to the Registration Page
  2. Click on “Continue or Check Status”
  3. Click on "Create New Account" and follow the prompts on screen to create an account. 
    1. Create password
    2. Fill in billing information (Address/Phone)
    3. Parents/Guardians (if there is only one parent/guardian, fill in the information twice)
    4. Insurance Info
    5. Emergency Contact
    6. Click Continue
  4. Existing Members
    1. Check the boxes next to swimmers who are already registered.
    2. If you are adding new swimmers, Click "+Add Member" in the upper right corner.  Fill out swimmer information in pop up box.  Don't forget to select appropriate Swim Group.
    3. Click boxes for waivers and parent expectations.
    4. Click Continue.
  5. Registration Fee
    1. SKA Annual Fee (Required).  Select "Yes - Pay this fee now"
    2. Select ONE choice "USA Swimming Registration ($77.00)" or "USA Swimming Flex Reg. ($20.00)" and select "Yes - Pay this fee now"
    3. Repeat for each swimmer.
    4. Select Payment Method - Credit Card
    5. Proceed to Checkout
  6. Checkout
    1. Fill out billing/credit card information
    2. Submit Registration