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Registering with the New USA Swimming Member Hub

John & Vincene Starmer

With the retirement of DeckPass as the USA Swimming Memberportal, all members - current and new - will need to renew their registration through the new Member Hub platform. The following provides walk through videos and provides some FAQs about the transition.

**Note: Please pay attention when creating your new account if you are a currently registered USA member. You are not creating a new account, but rather linking our old DeckPass account information to the new Member Hub account.**


You can visit the USA Swimming Member Hub and register here:



Online Member Registration (OMR) Hub

All USA Swimming member registrations and renewals will be completed online. The OMR Resource Hub is designed to help members navigate the new registration flow, and answer FAQs. 


  Additional Resources

  Looking for more information      on setting up your new USA          Swimming account? Click below    for additional resources!


USA Swimming App 

The USA Swimming app is now the only mobile app supported by USA Swimming. Download the app to access your member card and access exclusive functionality. 

Click here to download from the Apple App Store 
Click here to download from the Google Play Store