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How do donate to swimmers during the 2022 IA Swim-a-thon.

John & Vincene Starmer

Aloha, our 2022 Swim-a-thon has started and you can now donate to your favorite swimmer(s). Here is a short video that describes how to do that, but first, let me give you a step-by-step:

Click on the Swim-a-thon banner on the IA home page.

Click on the "search for participant" searchbar and type in the name of your swimmer. If they don't show up on your first try, type in just the first or last name.

When you have found your swimmer, select them and go to the payment page.

If you are donating to multiple swimmers from one family, select the "donate to family" option. This will reduce the number of times you need to pay the ~$4 transaction fee and result in more money going to Team IA. 🙏

Fill in your email (required) you will get a receipt indicating that you made a tax-deductible charitable donation. (IA is a non-profit organization!)

You can opt to share your name or go anonymous or share an encouraging note with your donation.

Finally fill out your card information and select the "donate now" button. 

You should get a confirmation pop up when the transaction successfully completes.

Mahalo, salamat, bedankt, obrigada, gracias and thank you for supporting Team IA. 🙏 🤙

⭐️ PS: If you want to share this, you can send people right to the Swim-a-thon search function with this link: ⭐️


Or share this QR code:

Swimathone QRcode