We welcome all competitive swimmers to continue their training with Island Aquatics while on Maui! We currently offer visitors the opportunity to join our afternoon pool practices and any openwater practice practice session. 

A current USA-Swimming membership or FINA recognized federation membership is required. Please sure to have your USA-Swimming or FINA card with you. 


COVID Protocols

The following is a list of guidelines and protocol that need to be followed in order to train with Island Aquatics while visiting Maui:
1. Email coach your arrival date14 days prior to arriving on island of Maui
2. Provide on island, negative covid test if possible
3. Own lane or shared with traveling swimmer or sibling
4. $80 minimum donation to Island aquatics per swimmer
5. Own gear taken to and from pool each training session
6. Bring only mask and towel on deck. (No changing on deck allowed)
7. Bring copy of Current USA swimming membership and off-island negative covid test 
emailed in advance of attending practice 
8. Signed MAGSA release of liability form turned in prior to swimming. (See forms below).
**Release of medical information and submitting all items is completely VOLUNTARY in order to swim with IA-
otherwise visitors may reserve a lane during public swim
9. DAILY Temperature check at front gate prior to entry for practice.
The following forms need to be filled out and returned to Island Aquatics prior to joining any practice sessions.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.


Coach Shawn Donohue - Program Director & Cathy Donohue - Team Operations

Phone :  +1(808)385-5332

Join Team IA

     Interested in learning more about being a member of Team IA?  Call the number above for more information and to set up a date and time to meet at the pool.  We will then assess your swimming skills to place you in the appropriate group.  All new members receive one week (5 sessions) free of charge.