Pathway: Development & Competitive

Age Guideline: N/A

Training Venue: HKIS, Tai Tam & Wan Chai Swimming Pool

Responsible Coaches: 

Aim: The Stingrays X program is designed to give competitive opportunities technically in the early evening to athletes who do not attend the HKIS School yet wish to be members of the Hong Kong Island Stingrays year-round team.  This program can also apply to HKIS students who have commitments after school but want to swim year round at a later time in the evening.  The environment will be created to enable all swimmers to improve and also be individual goal focused.

Squad Levels:

  • Fitness X (3 Sessions per Week (Weekday Only)
  • Development X (5 Sessions per Week)
  • Advance X (6 Sessions Per Week)
  • Competitive X (7 Sessions Per Week)


Squad Criteria: Please follow the criteria for the squad allocated squad level in main program.


Minimum Training Commitment: Based on Squad Level Criteria.

Competitions: All swimmers in Stingrays X are expected to regularly compete.

Target Competitions:

  • Cycle 1 Sep-Dec QLD Swimming Championships 2019 14th-20th December
  • Cycle 2 Jan-Apr Festival of Sport April 2020
  • Cycle 3 May-Jul Singapore National Open 2020 

Other Competitions: HKASA Div 1, 2 Meets, Stingrays Timetrials, Dual Club, Stingrays Invitational

Equipment:  Kickboard, Pull Buoy, DMC Fins, StrokeMaker Paddles, YLON Snorkel, Band,, 2x Water bottles, Cap, Goggles, Swim Suit, Jump Rope, Mesh Bag, Land Training Mat and Foam Roller.

STINGRAYS X Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday Sunday
AM             SESSIONS LAND     0540-0600   0540-0600 X Train with their specific squad level  **Dependant on Ability** 0645-0700 
POOL     0600-0730   0600-0730 0700-0900 
LAND           0900-1000     **Tai Tam**
PM             SESSIONS LAND 1800-1830 1700-1730 1745-1800 1700-1730      
POOL 1830-2000 1730-1900 1800-1930 1700-1930