Pathway:  Performance  

Age Guideline:  13/over

Training Venue: HKIS, Tai Tam

Lead Coach: David Pool   Assistant Coach: Luke Wimbush

Aim: The aim of the Performance squad is to create an elite training environment to enable a correct pathway into youth and senior swimming inline with a MYT.  The swimming will be supported by services such as strength and conditioning sessions, psychology and nutritional advice. This squad is for swimmers with no other commitments or distractions other than school.

Squad Criteria:

  • Full commitment to swimming competition and training.
  • Great attitude, commitment, communication, racing and training ability.
  • Ability to swim strokes over all distances in training and competition.
  • Execute good technique and drills across all four strokes
  • Kick average under 1:35 per 100m (400, 300, 200, 100  Kick Test)
  • Males - Perform 200 I.M under 2:30 & 400 Free under 4:30
  • Females - Perform 200 I.M under 2:40 & 400 Free under 4:45
  • Ability to complete 100 repetitions on a base time of 1:20 FR & 1:35 I.M/Main Stroke holding skills and technique.
  • Coaches discretion on based on talent identification and long term potential

Minimum Training Commitment: This will be on an individual basis between athlete and Head Coach but it will be no less than 8 sessions per week for Female Athletes & 7 sessions per week for Male Athletes, for 48 weeks of the year. The Head coach will tell each swimmer which sessions will be best for them. During final exams, swimmers will still be expected to do at least 50% of their normal training week. There will be no exceptions made to the training commitment to train in this squad.

Competitions: It will be compulsory to attend any competition stipulated by the coach unless there is a National or International competition on the same dates. Dates will be given at the start of the year to ensure your calendar is kept clear. These will include some overseas trips and as a result will mean families will have to budget for the trips.

Target Meets:

  • Cycle 1 Sep-Dec QLD Swimming Championships 2019 14th-20th December
  • Cycle 2 Jan-Apr Festival of Sport April 2020
  • Cycle 3 May-Jul Singapore National Open 2020 / US JNR Nationals 2020

Team Trips: Training Camp Thanyapura Fall 2019

Other Competitions: HKASA Meets, Stingrays Invitational

Equipment:  Kickboard, Pull Buoy, DMC Fins, StrokeMaker Paddles, YLON Snorkel, Band, Kick Sox, Parachute Snorkel, 2x Water bottles, Cap, Goggles, Swim Suit, Jump Rope, Mesh Bag, Land Training Mat and Foam Roller.

PERFORMANCE  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday Sunday
AM             SESSIONS LAND 0540-0600 (Squad Meeting)       0540-0600       0530-0630 (S&C HS Athletes)   0540-0600       0540-0600        
POOL 0600-0745 0600-0745 0630-0800   0600-0745 0600-0745  
LAND           0800-0900 (S&C ALL Athletes)  
PM             SESSIONS LAND 1440-1600 (S&C HS Athletes) 1515-1530   1515-1530 1515-1530    
POOL 1600-1730 1530-1730 1530-1700 (MS Swim Team) 1530-1730 1530-1700    
LAND   1730-1830 (S&C MS Athletes)   1730-1830 (MEZZANINE ALL Athletes) 1700-1800 (S&C MS Athletes)