Stingrays Learn to Swim Saturday Program through the development of strong fundamental skills in a fun and individual way, we hope to promote a lifelong passion for swimming.

We aim to teach people 3+, to learn to swim, to improve their swimming technique and to develop swimming skills to be used in life and competitive swimming.

Our program focuses on the individual needs of each swimmer. It is fun, dynamic and rewarding. We ensure that all swimmers are provided with the best possible instruction, from fully qualified teachers and our team of passionate student teachers.



THE AMERICAN CLUB MEMBERS ONLY: We also run swim classes at The American Club Monday to Saturday if you are a member and interested please email for more details.

For more information please email Frankie Murphy

Ducklings –Water to Orientation

Age Guide: 3-4 years // Swimmer to coach- 4:2

This stage establishes a sound basis for the later acquisition of swimming skills. Water orientation and confidence in the water:

  • entry and immersion
  • buoyancy and flotation
  • submersion and breath control to a depth 0.8metres
  • movement in the water
  • propulsion through the water.


Starfish – Skill Development

Age Guide: 4-5  years// Swimmer to coach- 5:2

This stage is for children who are comfortable being independent in the water. Swimmers are introduced to freestyle and backstroke while introduced to varies deep water skills.

  • Introduction to rhythmic breathing to the side
  • Floatation and rotation
  • Underwater push offs
  • submersion and breath control to a depth 1.2metres
  • Introduction to basic dolphin kick


Sea Turtles – Skill Improvement

Age Guide: 5-7 years// Swimmer to coach- 7:1

Focuses on basic movements and orientation ability needed for swimming skills like arm action, sculling and breathing.

  • Streamlining - propulsion
  • Basic Strokes – freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, basic dolphin movement
  • Specific skills – submersion, underwater push-offs, treading water, introduction to diving skills and somersaults.


Dolphins – Skill Refinement

Age Guide: 6-9 years// Swimmer to coach- 10:1

Focuses on improving reaction/rhythm and increasing endurance for all four strokes. Advanced dives and basic starts and turns are also covered. Once completed swimmers can transition into the “Rays Squad”.

  • Major focus - breathing and stroke timing
  • Stroke Improvement – free, back, breast, fly
  • Introduction to turn skills
  • Advanced diving skills
  • Building endurance