Club Meets vs. School Meets

Hong Kong Island Stingrays Swim Club is a not-for-profit, parent own swim club.   Although almost 90% of our Club's swimmers are students of the Hong Kong International School, Stingrays is a separate organization.   We are privately owned organization legally registered under Companies Registry with parent members as owners with an elected Board Council .  All our coaches are employed by the Club, and we use HKIS' pool and school facilities for all our training.   

Similar to all swimming clubs, Stingrays allows opportunities to swimmers to compete in both local and overseas swim meets.   Being a non profit swim club (and not a school team), our swimmers are entitled to compete in all meets organized by the Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association which is the governing body of all swimming sports in Hong Kong.   Throughout the season, our swimmers may also compete in several overseas meets against other swim clubs or meets organized by other international schools overseas.   These meets, however, are not equivalent to those that are officially designated as swim meets for HKIS' School Team such the HKSSF, ISSFHK, APAC, or China Cup.   Swimmers who attend any local or overseas meets on behalf of Stingrays need to understand that their participation in Stingrays events are entirely optional.  On occasions, our overseas meets are in conflict with the school calendar, and it is entirely the swimmer and the parents choices to decide whether or not the swimmer should take school days off to attend a Stingrays event.   If the swimmer does so, he/she and the parent (not our coaches) must inform the school of his/her intended absence.

Stingrays Club Oversea Travel and School Conflicts

It is the parents' responsibility to determine if it is acceptable for their child to miss school for a Stingrays Club Event scheduled during school days. In addition, it is the parent's responsibility (and not the Club’s) to notify the school for any such absences by their child.