HKASA Athlete Registration:

1.    With the exception of Academy, Club Squad, and High School Squad, swimmers in all other swim groups must register with HKASA and compete in division and championship meets designated by their group coaches as part of their training and competition requirements.

2.    New Stingrays swimmers who have never registered with HKASA before should complete the HKASA Competition Athlete Registration Form for the current season as part of their registration with Hong Kong Island Stingrays Swim Club.

3.    Swimmers transferring to Stingrays from a different swim club in Hong Kong will need to complete the HKASA Athlete Transfer Registration Form for the current season and will be allowed to race under Stingrays banner one month after submitting the Transfer Form.

4.    Swimmers must renew their HKASA registration each year by completing the same Competition Athlete Registration Form.  They will be reminded to renew the form at the beginning of each calendar year by our Team Admin Coach Dean.   Swimmers who fail to complete and submit their registration forms to Coach Dean at the requested deadline of March 31 will risk their eligibility to race at meets conducted by HKASA.

Qualifications for Meets and Entries:

1.    Stingrays will conduct in-house time trials throughout the season for all swimmers to qualify for all Division 3 meets.

2.    Swimmers will be allowed to race at Division 2 meets and above only if they have established swim times at prior HKASA Division meets, HKSSF school meets (as they are sanctioned by HKASA), or other FINA accredited meets.   This criterion applies to swimmers for all swim groups.

3.    Swimmers will no longer be entered at division meets at QT (Qualifying Times) listed by HKASA which does not differentiate between SC from LC times.  Swimmers will only be allowed to enter LC division meets based on established LC times or achieved SC times converted to LC target times by Coach David.  Coaches and parents should work together to understand the proper time needed to qualify for the various HKASA competitions.

4.    Swimmers who have not been training consistently during the swim season may not be allowed to compete at HKASA meets even if they have established SC or LC swim times.   It is at the Head Coach’s discretion to give final approval for all HKASA meet entries.

To check a swimmer’s times, log-in to your Team Unify account

Procedures for HKASA meet registrations

1.    Swimmers and parents should keep track of the meet calendar for each swim season and discuss with the coach which competitions should be considered as target meets for the swimmer as part of his/her goal setting for that season.

2.    To race at an HKASA meet, the Team Admin Coach Dean will send a notice to all qualified swimmers.  Parents or Swimmers need to respond to the email WITHIN 24 hours whether or not the swimmer will be available to participate in that meet.

3.    If Coach Dean does not get an affirmative response from the swimmer or parent, the swimmer will NOT be entered in the meet.

4.    If for any reason a swimmer needs to scratch from any events after confirming his/her participation at the meet, he/she needs to inform the Team Admin Coach Dean and his/her coach by noon Thursday prior to meet weekend.  HKD 500 NO SHOW PENALTY FEEwill be charged to a swimmer for any NO SHOW, with the exception of last minute notifications due to valid reasons such as illness on day of competition.  This policy will be strictly enforced.

We are taking a firm stance on this issue as HKASA continues to fine clubs (Stingrays included) for all NO SHOWS and for violations when our swimmers FAIL to meet Qualifying Times for each event.  However, more importantly as a club, these fines/penalties imposed by HKASA ultimately hurts the Stingrays’ reputation and how the HKASA views us as a club.  We are impacted by these penalties/fines when we try to rent pool time outside of our own pool (e.g. Wan Chai Pool) where they give us a lower priority and the number of seats they allocate to us at the meets.  It is therefore important that when you agree to participate at an HKASA meet that you are committed in mind and body to race your best.