Questions about the Shelby County Middle School League contact Diana Harviel at [email protected] or Tricia Davis at [email protected]

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School Contact Email
Appling Middle School John Harmeier [email protected]
  Scott O'Reily [email protected]
  Gabbie Whittaker [email protected]
Briarcrest Middle School James Hannan [email protected]
Brighton Middle School Marsha Daniel [email protected]
Colonial Middle School Jim Umfress [email protected]
  Tiffany Combest [email protected]
Collierville Middle School  Gui Passos [email protected]
Elmore Park Middle School Scott O'Reily [email protected]
  Gabbie Whittaker [email protected]
Evangelical Christian School (Middle) Stephanie Klug [email protected]
Grace St. Lukes Middle School Courtney Ciaramitaro [email protected]
Grizzlies Preparatory Charter School Eddie Walsh [email protected]
Harding Academy (Middle) Danetta Townsdin [email protected]
Holy Rosary School Kevin O'Kelly [email protected]
  Carly Pirani [email protected]
Houston Middle School David Cortes [email protected]
  Jayson Chong [email protected]
  Gindy Guild [email protected]
Hutchison Middle School Matt Nelson [email protected]
  Donna Wellford [email protected]
  Katie Sentilles [email protected]
Lakeland Middle Prep School Kristen Boles [email protected]
Lausanne Middle School Rachel Hammons [email protected]
  Trevor Hopper [email protected]
Memphis Home Education Middle School Kelsey McDonald [email protected]
Munford Middle School Christine Heiser [email protected]
  Carrie Sestina [email protected]
MUS Middle School Kelsey McDonald [email protected]
  Bryan Parker [email protected]
Northpoint Christian School Middle School Pam Taylor [email protected]
OLPH Diana Harviel d[email protected]
Riverdale Middle School Vitoria Gast [email protected]
St Agnes (St. Dominic) Middle School Kathleen Bugnitz [email protected]
St. Francis of Assisi Kareen Baird [email protected]
  Paula Nichols [email protected]
St. Georges Independent School (Middle) Andrea Ballard [email protected]
St. Mary's Middle School Colin Dowling [email protected]
Tipton Christian Academy Middle School Kate Krull [email protected]
University Middle School Ashley Boles [email protected]
Westminister Academy Kenny Shackelford [email protected]
  Sandy Hansen [email protected]
White Station Middle School Tammy Henry [email protected]
  Katherine Dillender [email protected]
Woodland Presbyterian School Dale Creasy [email protected]
  Julie Sully [email protected]