Transfers are to be reported to the TISCA Vice-President. They will be posted here. Members have 30 days from the posting date to contest a transfer by contacting the TISCA Vice-President with the reason for contesting said transfer. Once the transfer has been posted without challenge for 30 days, or once a challenged transfer has been approved by the Eligibility Committee, the athlete's status will be changed from "Pending" to "Approved".

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Column►In order to swim in the State Meet, the last day to submit a transfer will be January 10th.

TISCA Transfers
Athlete Name Previous School/Coach New School/Coach Date Posted Status
Caylee Adkisson BGA Brentwood Academy (Jim Chapman) 7/27/23 Approved
Miles Chapman Christian Brothers High School Collierville High School (Alyson Hannan) 7/27/23 Approved
Nolan Hill Science Hill High School Dobyns-Bennett High School (Nathan Love) 7/27/23 Approved
Ben Flasch Notre Dame Chattanooga McCallie School (Stan Corcoran) 8/2/23 Approved
Henry Flasch Notre Dame Chattanooga McCallie School (Stan Corcoran) 8/2/23 Approved
Ryan Berry East Hamilton High School McCallie School (Stan Corcoran) 8/2/23 Approved
Maui Boles Lakeland High School Arlington High School 8/8/23 Approved
Savannah Nimitz USN (Justin Karpinos) Father Ryan High School (Rob Philbin) 8/8/23 Approved
Nathaniel Selander Christ's Legacy Academy McMinn County High School 8/8/23 Approved
Savannah Goodwin Wilson Central Green Hill 8/13/23 Approved
Greyson Russiano MTHEA Makos Summit High School 8/13/23 Approved
Vincent Porter Notre Dame Signal Mountain Middle High School 8/17/23 Approved
Adan Carney Bartlett High school Arlington High School 8/17/23 Approved
Jackson Hill Ravenwood HS MBA 8/24/23 Pending
Miller Reardon CPA MBA 8/24/23 Pending
Riley Wagers Franklin High School Ensworth School 8/24/23 Pending
Ava Jensen Lakeway Christian Academy Gatlinburg-Pittman High School 9/6/23 Pending
Bethany Ashburn Oakland High School Grace Academy High School 9/6/23 Pending
Morgan Delaney Cookeville High School Upperman High School 9/14/23 Pending
Gabriel Rouchon Upperman High School Cookeville High School 9/14/23 Pending
Rosie Johns Eagleville HS Central Magnet School 9/14/23 Denied
Caylee Adkisson Battleground Academy Brentwood Academy 9/14/23 Pending