ACAC Club Information
Welcome to the Ames Cyclone Aquatics Club! ACAC is a USA swimming competitive age-group swim club that serves Ames and surrounding communities offering participation from the Novice level all the way up to the Senior Level. We are a non-profit organization that is operated by a parent board and run by volunteers. Here is some information about our club that will help you to understand who we are and how we operate.

Official tryouts are offered on an annual basis in the Fall. However, new swimmers are accepted throughout the year. Please contact the head coach if you're interested in joining.

Website: ACAC maintains an active website at This is the best way to get information regarding ACAC. Information includes, but is not limited to: practice times, meets, results, coaches, team records, and other swimming related links. Please be sure to check the website prior to calling coaches or board members with questions.

Email: ACAC sends emails via the website that communicate swim meet sign-up deadlines, new events, and volunteering opportunities. If you are not receiving e-mail updates, contact the head coach in order to be added to the list.

Texting: The club also uses a text messaging service to notify parents of such things as practice changes, meet session start times, rain delays, etc. To get added to the service simply: Text ACACSWIM to 84483. You can also subscribe to location specific updates. Text ACACSWIMAMES to 84483 (if you practice in Ames) and ACACSWIMDODGE to 84483 (if you practice in Fort Dodge).

Posted Information: Posted Information throughout the season, notices regarding swim meets, schedule changes, social events, volunteer opportunities, and other information are posted in the hallways, on tables, and on the bulletin boards at the pool. Checking the pool areas for notices at least once a week is advised.

Age-group Structure
Novice: Novice swimmers learn the proper technique for all four competitive strokes and begin to build endurance in the water. Swimmers are invited and encouraged to participate in swim meets. This group will practice 3-4 times per week for 45-60 minutes.

Age-Group (9-11): Age Group continues to emphasize stroke technique and introduces the swimmers to aerobic training. Participation in swim meets is encouraged at this level. Swimmers in this group will practice 5 times per week for up to 2 hours. Dryland workouts are offered 2 times per week.

Pre-Senior (12-14): This group increases its focus on aerobic training and additionally focuses on competitive swimming at meets. Swim meet participation is strongly encouraged. Swimmers in this group will practice 6 times per week for up to 2.5 hours. Dryland workouts are offered 3 times per week.

Senior (15 & up): This group is for High School aged swimmers who are motivated and dedicated to the sport of swimming. Senior swimmers attend local, state, and national level competitions. Swimmers in this group will practice 6 times per week for up to 2.5 hours. Dryland workouts are offered 3 times per week.

How to Register
Once selected you will be given the email address of our registrar. He will guide you through the registration process. We run our program through our website at All club functions including, club emails, fee charges, volunteer sign-up, swim meet registration, practice calendars, and many other functions are all part of the website. Our registrar will help you set-up your account so that you can become an active member.

ACAC is a competitive USA Swim Club. As such, we encourage competition at all training levels.  In order for swimmers to be comfortable competing at swim meets, they need to participate. Once they try racing, they'll quickly realize how much fun it can be! The club will compete in many meets throughout the year giving swimmer's numerous opportunities. We do not require competition, but competing can be an important part of a swimmer's goals. Meets are also great team building events where the swimmers can show their support for their fellow teammates.

Team Dues & Fees
Team Dues

Training Group Cost
Novice $60/month
Age-group $110/month
Pre-Senior $120/month
Senior $150/month

ISI/USA Swimming Membership
Annual Fee of $70

Ames Parks & Recreation Swim Passes
Fall/Winter/Spring: Ages 3-15: $70 resident/$88 non-res; Ages 16&up: $103 resident/$129 non-res
Summer: Ages 3-15: $68 resident/$85 non-res; Ages 16 & up: $100 resident/$125 non-res

Swim Meet Fees
Standard swim meet fees can range from $10 to $50 per meet. This information will be available for individual swim meets in the Events page.

Coaches Fees

In State, Non-championship Meets      $13/meet
Seasonal State Championship Meets      $17/meet
Out of State Non-championship Meets, Sectional Meets      $22/meet

Our biggest fundraisers are our swim meets. These meets are critical to the operations of our club. The club will be hosting numerous meets throughout the short and long course seasons. In order to continue our success with running meets, we need all families to volunteer in staffing the many positions required.

Scholarships are available, please contact the head coach for more information.