Welcome to the ACAC Website!

We assume you are have come to the website to get more information about joining the program!  As of right now we are taking members as any point but if you are looking to start up in the next season we do have some formal tryout dates listed down below.

Ames Site - Tuesday August 24th @ 6:00pm at Municipal Pool and Monday August 30th @ 6:00pm at Municipal Pool.

Fort Dodge Side - TBD

Do I have to attend both tryout dates? NOPE just one of the dates will work.

What is my child expected to be able to do to join the swim team?  We generally expect our swimmers to have a basic swim lesson background.  Bring able to put their faces in the water and swim a length of freestyle and some backstroke.  If your swimmer can do this at a very beginner level we can find a home for them within our program.

Is there a chance my swimmer will not make the team if they tryout?  As of right now neither site is full.  We are taking all of the swmmers that come out to give it a shot so long as they are sufficiant enough to be safe in a learning environement.  Of course we have coaches active in each group monitoring workouts closely.

What if I miss or can't attend the tryout dates?  Just email the coaches ([email protected]) and we will work to try and setup another tryout date for you.  We like to do a big formal tryout date to help us not take away time from our normal day to day workouts but we understand sometimes families can't attend both of those days and we are ready and willing to setup another tryout date for you.