The Eastern Iowa Swim Federation's vision is to empower individuals to be successful in life through excellence in swimming.
 EISF Mission Statement:
The Eastern Iowa Swim Federation (EISF) is a year-round competitive USA swimming program that offers a safe, supportive environment with high quality professional coaching for swimmers of all ages and abilities.  EISF emphasizes hard work, dedication, time management, sportsmanship, and teamwork, empowering individuals to be successful in life through excellence in swimming.
Some of the key values we encourage at EISF:
Hard work
- Work Ethic: Hard work will win over the more talented athlete that doesn’t work. Swimmers learn that their effort produces their results.
- Courage: Swimmers get a chance to test their courage every day in practice. Courage is a developed trait. Swimming develops it well.
- Skill Improvement: Swimmers pay extreme attention to technique and skills as they improve and swim faster.
- Dedication & Focus: Swimmers learn that one cannot do everything well and that some sacrifices have to made to achieve good results in other areas.
- Discipline and Self-Discipline: Swimmers  have the discipline to do what is required when it is required, on a consistent basis.
  Time Management
- Time Management: Swimmers tend to get better grades while in season because with a limited amount of time, they learn to use it well.
- Goal Setting: Swimmers measure success objectively and how to set new goals to motivate themselves to higher levels of success.
- Delayed Gratification: Swimmers accept that good results take time to develop and no one short term result can be called success or failure.
- Sportsmanship: Swimmers  compete with other swimmers, not against other swimmers. 
- Compassion: Swimmers succeed and swimmers fail.  Swimmers know how it feels and support those who are struggling, applaud those who are succeeding, and are inspired by the work of others.
- Friendship and Respect: Swimmers may not always be best friends with their teammates, but they know how hard they work and respect that work. Swimmers form friendships based on the solid values on this list. The best kinds of friends share your values.
Teamwork & Leadership
- Teamwork:  Swimmers encourage, lead, follow, and both contribute and receive daily in practice sessions with their friends.
- Self-Confidence: Swimmers learn they can achieve their goals and overcome adversity through good swimming practice
- Appreciation of your support team: Family keeps swimmers swimming. Coaches teach and inspire swimmers. Swimmers know their success is due to their support team.