Curious as to what equipment your child should have for swim practice?  Here is the list of equipment recommend by the coaching staff.  Below it, you can find what piece of equipment each group should have.  You can find these items online HERE at


  • Training Fins – Fins are an excellent tool for teaching proper kicking technique.  They are also a very beneficial tool for helping training speed work.  We will use the Speedo Trialon fins.

  • Snorkel – A “center-mount” snorkel is what you are looking for.  Snorkels are very effective means of teaching proper head positioning, as well as beneficial for body position and isolation of the head from the body.  We will use the Speedo Bullet snorkel.

  • Hand Paddles – Hand paddles are often used to help aide swimmers in “feeling the water.”  They can teach swimmers to pull more water as they swim, as well as develop the strength necessary to hold the water.  We will use the Strokemaker paddles.

  • Equipment Bag – With all this wonderful equipment, it is very helpful to the swimmers if they have a mesh bag to keep it all in. 


  • Splash/Rapids:  Snorkel, Fins, Team Suit, Paddles (Size 0 or Coach's Recommendation)

  • Trident:  Snorkel, Fins, Team Suit, Paddles (Coach's Recommendation)

  • Waterbenders: Sox, Snorkel, Fins, Team Suit, Paddles, (Coach's Recommendation)

  • Adult Swim:  Optional snorkel, paddles, fins