Our Mission

The Dubuque Area Swimmin' Hurricanes was founded to establish a year-round competitive swimming program available to all ages in the greater Dubuque area. Each swimmer will be provided a safe and supportive environment in which they will be encouraged to progress to the highest level of their ability through their personal commitment, qualified coaches, parental support and community involvement.

Our Vision

Providing a source of lifelong aquatic experiences in the Tri-State area

Our Objectives

  • Through a volunteer Board of Directors:
    • organize the DASH Team's Parents-Volunteer force and insure a quality coaching staff is in place
  • Through a full time coaching staff:
    • provide leadership to the competitive swimmer so they can reach their full potential;
    • to provide beginning swimming lessons and stroke clinics to the pre-competitive swimmer; 
    • to provide continuing fitness/training to the Masters swimmer.
  • To teach the lifelong skills of swimming, motivation, self discipline, and sportsmanship as well as developing lifelong friendships.
  • To strive to have every swimmer:
    • excel to the best of their ability;
    • have the opportunity to compete on a national level;
    • HAVE FUN!!