Dubuque Area Swimmin’ Hurricanes Athlete Representative Job Description and Responsibilities


Position Description

As an athlete representative for Dubuque Area Swimming Hurricanes (DASH) you are tasked with representing this great sport and helping make it better for the many people that are involved in it.  An athlete representative possesses a great love for the sport of swimming, an ability to compromise, and strong written and verbal communication skills. They bring maturity and insight to each and every meeting they attend. 

Other attributes include:

  1. A willingness to contribute their time and energy towards the betterment of the sport.
  2. The confidence and ability to speak in front of others.
  3. The desire to make a positive contribution to swimming.
  4. The ability to work with other athletes/officials/coaches/volunteers and others involved in the sport.
  5. While good/bad grades do not necessarily make or break an athlete rep, academically stronger athletes will tend to be more responsible, better able to understand the complex workings of sport governance and better with reporting and formulating ideas and points in their representative duties 



  1. Be an athlete member in good standing and a member of the DASH swim team
  2. Be at least a sophomore in high school or at least 15 years of age
  3. Have your parent’s permission
  4. Be currently competing, or have competed within the three (3) immediately preceding years
  5. All athlete representatives serve a two-year term, the first year as an elected Junior Athlete and then assuming the position of the Senior Athlete Representative for the second year



  1. Represent themselves, other athletes and the sport of swimming in a manner that is becoming of a responsible, mature, civilized person 
  2. To complete tasks assigned to them to the best of their ability, and to seek out help in those tasks if needed 
  3. To dress and act appropriately as a representative of all the athletes in the sport of swimming 


Senior Athlete Representatives:

  • Senior Athlete Rep chairs the Athletes Committee
  • Serve as liaison between athletes and Board of Directors and House of Delegates and undertake activities in best interest of athletes and sport of swimming
  • Attend all Board of Directors and House of Delegates meetings to the best of their ability 
  • Senior Athlete Representative hold a voting position on the DASH Board of Directors
  • To communicate with other representatives and participate in all meetings, calls, votes, discussions, etc. 
  • Participate in the election process for the Junior Athlete Representative position
  • Participate in the ISI committees
  • Attend DASH’s Huddle which is a bi-yearly meeting
  • To inform the head coach or Board of Directors president of any conflicts/problems/issues you encounter as a participant in the sport of swimming or in the implementation or completion in any of your duties 
  • Design Championship meet team shirt bi-annulaly


Junior representative Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for learning about being an athlete rep and assisting the senior athlete representative in their duties. A junior representative 
  • Is available to fill in the senior representative’s position if they are unable to participate in a meeting or other task assigned to them. 
  • To inform the Senior Athlete Representative of any conflicts/problems/issues you encounter as a participant in the sport of swimming or in the implementation or completion in any of your duties
  • Assist in designing Championship meet team shirt bi-annually


DASH Board of Director meetings

The Dash Board of Directors annual meeting is the second Monday of September. Monthly meetings are held the second Monday of the month, time and date TBD.



Before submitting an application, be sure you have read the Athlete Representative Handbook, have parent approval and have completed Safe Sport Athlete Protection training.


Athlete Representative Application