#1 - BE ON TIME and READY to PARTICIPATE;arrive 10 minutes BEFORE practice so you are ready to go.

#2 - Pay attention, be a GREAT teammate, work hard and have fun.

#3 - Please have your ride pick you up within 20 minutes of the end of your practice time, unless you are waiting for other carpool members or siblings in a later group. 

#4 - DO NOT go into areas of the Graber Sports Center / San Jose Pool complex that are not authorized by your coach(es). When waiting for your ride, stay in the west entryway or pool area.

#5 - What to Bring to Practice

  • Suit, goggles, cap, towel, water bottle
  • Swimmers are encouraged to bring their own water bottle to practice to stay hydrated. Swimmers are discouraged from sharing the contents of their water bottles with other swimmers.
  • Swimmers are not required to wear caps during practice, but may if they so choose. It is strongly recommended that anyone w/hair below base of the skull wear a cap.
  • DASH recommends that all swimmers carry an extra cap, suit and pair of goggles, just in case.
  • Coaches do not carry extra items to loan for practice and the facilities do not regularly have extras to loan. Clearly label all items.
  • Swimmers should bring their bags, clothes, etc. onto the pool deck with them. DASH is not responsible for items lost or left in the stands or locker rooms during or after practice.
  • No cell phones will be allowed to be out or in use during practice and should be kept inside the swimmer’s bag once practice has started