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Covid 19 Policies and Procedures

The Dubuque Area Swimming Hurricanes policies and Procedures follow the CDC guidelines and recommendations as well as local and state regulations. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in suspended practice attendance and/or removal from the team without refund. New Information regarding policy changes and updates will be sent to parents via email, verbally passed onto swimmers during practice and will be updated on this site for future referencing. It is the swimmers and their parent Responsibility to be familiar with the policy and procedure for practice attendence.

Front entrance procedure video

Rear Entrance proceedure video

Covid 19 Swimmer and Parent Plan - updated 12/30/20

COVID 19 Procedure & Policy ADDENDUM - updated 11/17/20 expired 12/13/20

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Signs and Symptoms of Covid 19

What to do if you are sick

Good Handwashing Techniques per CDC

CDC Website

Dubuque County Covid 19 Website

Iowa Covid 19 Website