2021 Summer Bronze "Final" / operating as an OPEN meet due to changes in IASI championships

Wednesday, July 21

Dubuque Schools Aquatic Center at Hempstead HS, 3715 Pennsylvania Ave., Dubuque, IA  52002


Meet Announcement - corrected

Event File - corrected

Livestream Link

COVID Protocols - AS of June 30, there will be NO RESTRICTIONS, unless there are changes to local protocols, regarding COVID. The spectator area will be open. Masks for un-vaccinated individuals and social distancing in general is still recommended.


Psych Sheet

Warm-up Assignments - DASH Lanes 5-8 and 9-13 / IFLY, Lanes 1-4 / UN, see DASH coach

Seating Assignments - No restrictions, sit where you'd like, but please do be conscious of your own distancing.

Heat Sheet

Final Results