Dubuque Area Swimmin’ Hurricanes


(Revised 8/1/2020)

Lesson Brochure

Learn to Swim Category Descriptions

Tropical Storms

Designed for swimmers ages 3 and 4.  Students will receive an introduction to the water.  They will not only build confidence, but they will start to learn the foundations of swimming. These skills will include submersion, short front floats, short back floats, kicking, and rolling over.


Beginner - Categories 1-3

Beginner lessons are designed for swimmers who are at least 5 years old.  Beginner lessons include Categories 1-3.  Swimmers will learn the foundations of swimming.  You will see a lot of repetition as the swimmers move from an introduction to swimming into practicing their skills.

Skills in Categories 1-3 include, relaxed submersion, Front glides and back glides and Streamline kicking on the front and the back.  Enroll your student in this group if they are new to swimming or have basic skills.


Advanced – Categories 4 and 5

Advanced lessons are designed for swimmers at least 5 years old.  These swimmers have mastered the streamline kick and can kick out 15 feet in a streamline position on their front and their back.  They will continue to build on the foundations of swimming and develop both their freestyle stroke and their backstroke.  Enroll your child in this class if they are able to independently push off the wall and kick out 15 feet with their face down,  arms over their head, hand over hand, both on their front and their back.



Once a student has achieved the advancement goals of Category 5, they are ready to join the DASH Swim Team.  Swimmers will continue to develop their skills and add additional skills through their time on the Swim Team. Swimmers will start in our pre-competition team, the Junior Hurricanes. This is an extension of the lesson program. They will continue to master skills in the freestyle and backstroke and add additional skills in the breaststroke and butterfly. 

For more information on the DASH Swim Team go to www.teamdash.org