Fill the Pool Campaign News

Don & Jen Duehr
Nov 9, 2018

November 9, 2018


Dear current and future “Fill the Pool” campaign donors,


We wanted to write to all of you today with fantastic news and an update as to where our Fill the Pool campaign currently stands!   The great news is that we have achieved our goal of raising $1,000,000 with payments totaling $500,000 already paid to the schools!  Even better news is that construction on the pool has already started, believe it or not, with a tentative opening date of fall of 2019.  That being said, we still have some work to do before we can call this an unconditional success.  To that point, although we’ve raised $1,001,145 to date, we would still like to raise an additional $60,000, or more, to formally and officially close out the campaign.  We believe this amount would cover:


1.      Those donors that aren’t able to fulfill their pledges due to unforeseen circumstances.  We hope this number to be 0, however it is very common for a campaign our size to have anywhere from 3-10% of pledges that aren’t fulfilled.

2.      Given our three-year pledge structure, we did need to seek out a banking partner in Premier Bank to help bridge the gap.  The rationale for this relates to the fact that the Dubuque Community School District needed to secure our gift in year one and could not wait until years two and three, which is understandable.  As such, there is the potential for us to incur interest expense in years two and three while donors are fulfilling their pledges.   Note:  if you do have the capability to pay a pledge payment earlier, that definitely helps decrease interest expense and would be sincerely appreciated!

3.      Lastly, there have been some expenses associated with the campaign that have yet to be accounted for including a vision to develop a donor wall recognizing all of our current and future donors.  On that note, please email us with your preferred display of your name should it be different than what appear on the mailing label which accompanied this letter. 

On that last point, it is still possible to donate to our campaign via a one-time gift or three-year pledge.  As mentioned above, your gift is still needed and would indeed be sincerely appreciated!  Please see the enclosed pledge card and/or visit us at our Facebook page. 

Although we still have a bit of work ahead of us, we are planning to host a reception/celebration for all current and future donors to take place at former swimming and diving alum Mike Bries' new place, Station House Pub, located at 1046 Central Ave on Friday, December 7th at 5:30 to 7:00 or whenever you chose to leave. 

Please RSVP us at  We sincerely hope you will join us for an evening with great friends and generous donors as we reflect back on what the sport of swimming has meant to all of us as well as celebrating the fact that we are setting future generations of swimmers on a path such that they too can experience the gifts that the sport provided to us and our children.   


To close, thank you again to each and every one of you receiving this letter today.  Additionally, we wish to thank the DCSD, the DASH Board & Fill the Pool Steering Team, Premier Bank and the Butler Family for each of their roles in ensuring a successful campaign. 

Should you have any questions, please email us on our Facebook page. 



Fill the Pool Steering Team