How can I get involved in DASH?

DASH is a non-profit organization that is run by parent volunteers. The team also has a parent volunteer board. We constantly need new volunteers!

There are several ways to help DASH.

  • You can help the administration of the team by becoming a board member or joining any committee that we have created for special events.
  • You can also help DASH by becoming a swim official. We need as many officials as possible as it helps not only with the running of our meet but improves our image in the Local Swimming Committee (LSC).

Board members oversee club administration. Officer positions need to be voted on during the December Annual Meeting. At-large members can simply volunteer if a board position becomes available. Board members will attend monthly board meetings and will head certain committees.

Special events committees are usually created for fundraising purposes. We offer a several fundraisers each year that require parental involvement. Our biggest need for parental support is during our swim meets. DASH hosts two swim meets per year. We need 50 or more parent volunteers for each swim meet. A swim meet will only require a weekend's worth of time for most volunteers. DASH needs several people with specialized roles that work behind the scenes to help with the running of swim meets.  If you enjoy event planning or are proficient in computer operation DASH would love to have your expertise.

Swim meets are not run without swimming officials. Becoming an official requires a certification process. Your certification cost will be covered by the club. As an official you will be able to understand all the rules of swimming and you will have an excellent view of the competitions. Being an official can be demanding but rewarding as you are involved with improving the sport as a whole.

Please remember, your swimmer needs a well run team to become successful in the pool. For that to happen DASH needs parents and swimmers to be involved with the running of a successful swim club.