Dubuque Area Swimmin’ Hurricane Annual Poinsettia Sales 
Team DASH has sold premium poinsettias and greenery for over 25 years.  Our reputable greenhouse supplier continues to provide beautiful and amazing plants and greenery year after year. Red and white poinsettias come in foil-covered pots and paper sleeves. The wreaths come ready to hang and  the baskets are ready to sit on your porch or hang from a shepherd’s hook. DASH swimmers will deliver your order right to your doorstep!  
Thank you for supporting team DASH!! 
Hanging Baskets - $40
Wreaths come in 2 sizes: 
  • 16" wreath - $25
  • 24" wreath - $35
Poinsettias come in multiple sizes and are available in red and white
  • 6" poinsettia pot, 5 or more flowers - $15
  • 7" poinsettia pot, 7-9 flowers  - $20
  • 9" poinsettia pot, 12 or more flowers - $40
  • 12" poinsettia pot, 20 or more flowers - $60 
*sizes of poinsettias are the amount of flower above the edge of the pot and are an estimate of the actual size
Orders and FULL payment need to be turned in at practice Wednesday, November 10th
Pick up is Sunday, November 21st 
@ Finnin Ford
3600 Dodge St.