What does it mean to be a Speedo Sponsored Team??

Team DASH has been a Speedo sponsored team for several years.  This past year our contract with Speedo was up for renewal.  The DASH Board of Directors took this opportunity to explore other swim gear company contracts.  We are happy to say that Speedo revised their contract to be competitive with the other companies.  The improved contract with Speedo was a win for DASH on two accounts: one, we will not have to re-brand our team and two, Speedo funding for team equipment increased considerable from our last contract.


How does this impact your swimmer?

All DASH swimmers MUST wear Speedo gear at local, state, zones, semi-national and national meets.  Gear is any product that has a swim company logo on it - it MUST say Speedo on it  Per the Speedo contract, if Speedo finds a swimmer in violation of the contract a $4500 fine will be issued by Speedo; the responsibility of paying the fine will fall on the swimmer, not Team DASH.   Swimmers are allowed to wear any swim company gear during practice. Please contact a DASH Board member with any questions.


Team Apparel Bundle

All DASH swimmers ,except Jr. Hurricanes, are required to purchase a DASH Apparel Bundle!!! Jr. Hurricanes swimmers are only required to purchase a tshirt, swim suits are optional.

What comes in a bundle: a new competition team swim suit and DASH T-shirt (images coming soon)


Team DASH recognizes that last year we had several difficulties with swim suit fit, ordering and exchanges ... the DASH Board appreciates your patience as we dive into this process (ha ha).  We will ordering a different suit this year hoping to avoid the fit issue we had last year. 

We learned a lot last season and have made several changes! 

1. ALL swimmers are required to attend the swim suit fit session. Please allow a minimum of 30 min to try on suits.

2. Suits will only be ordered by Splash Multi Sport during the fit session, we will not be collecting sizes prior to that fit session

3. DASH apparel bundled payment will be processed by Splash MultiSport at the fit session

4. No exchanges will be allowed unless the swimmer has attended the fit session

5. We recognize that families have busy schedules, please try to attend. 

If you are unable to attend please contact: Jody Pfeiffer @  [email protected]  - to arrange a fit session.  



Swim Suit Fit Session 

  • September 21st

9 am - 12 pm

Hospice of Dubuque - Theisen Education Center 

(enter the door to the right of the building)

1670 JFK Rd., Dubuque

  • DASH Board members will be available to ask questions throughout the morning
  • Splash MutliSport will be bring swim equipment so everyone can stock up!
  • DASH waterbottles, swim caps and decals will be avavilable for purchase too!