Please note that if your account has a balance from last season, it must be paid before registering.  

Injury, illness or changing your mind does not mitigate your obligation to pay ALL fees. 


You will be billed for 5 categories of fees throughout the year:


1. Season membership fees: The membership fees are listed below. New swimmer fees apply only to those who have never been a DASH member. Season fees are not refundable, except in cases of debilitating injury or illness only. The DASH board of directors will address any issues surrounding refunds. To have your case addressed please contact a DASH board member.


2. USA swimming fees: EVERY swimmer must be USA Swimming registered. USA Swimming provides insurance for us and you. USA Swimming registration fees will be charged during the fall season. If you are new or did not swim this fall, a prorated fee will be added to your summer registration. If your swimmer qualifies beyond a state level meet (Zones, Juniors, Sectional) you must pay the full annual membership.  Refer to USA Swimming's Outreach program for finacial assistance (section III of the link below):


3. Registration fee: A registration fee will be applied to swimmers who did not swim on the DASH team the season prior but have been a DASH member in the past. Registration fee is charged per swimmer. Does not apply to new DASH swimmers or college students.


4. Meet fees: Each swimmer is charged for the meet and events in which he/she participates along with facilities fees associated with the meet.  Meet fees are not refundable due to illness or injury. If you need to change your commitment for the meet after the Team Unify sign up is closed, you must email the coach AND receive an affirmation response. If the entries have already been submitted to the meet, a $10 cancelation fee will be charged and meet fees will not be refunded. Meet fees will be invoiced to your account once sign up is closed. Note: meet fees are set by the host team and may include a “facility” or “spectator” fee. Those swimmer who qualify for USA swimming Outreach program are eligible for reduced meet fees.


5. Work Session requirements: You will be billed $50 per work session that you have NOT worked.   Our experience is that most families complete all their work session requirements.  We will work with you to help you to find ways to meet your commitments.  Please communicate with a board member or board treasurer if you need assistance.

Further work session information can be found under the "Parents" tab or click here.


6.  Facility Enhancement: As we look to the future of DASH and being able to provide all our swimmers with access to the highest-quality facilities, a facility enhancement fee has been add this year.  The additional fee will be placed in reserve to support our work in upcoming years to plan future facility enhancements and we will keep you informed as that work progresses.                              


**A multiple swimmer discount will apply for families: a 10% reduction will be applied to the family account with 3 swimmers or more swimmers




Important notes:

  1. Your fees are only payable by credit card or bank card through your on-line DASH account
  2. Monthly fees are due the 1st of every month; a late fee of $5 will charged if not paid by the 15th at midnight
  3. Automatic withdrawal is available to make monthly billing easier and is required for monthly billing payment option.  To set up auto pay, log into your DASH account, click on "My Account" and than click on "Setup Auto Pay".  You may use a credit card, check card or ACH bank withdrawal for automatic payments.
  4. If you are having difficulties meeting your financial or work session requirements, please contact any board member to discuss your situation


Payment Options

1. One-time payment for season fees can be made at the time of registration. Any additional meets/team fees will be added to your account throughout the season, and will be due the 1st of the month. Automatic withdrawal is available if desired and will be withdrawn on the 1st of the month. You may also log in to your team unify account and pay fees manually. Checks will no longer be accepted as a form of payment. A $5 late fee will be assessed if balance is not paid by the 15th of the month.

2. Monthly billing is now available!! Only accounts with automatic withdrawal will be allowed to pay monthly. An initial fee is due at the time of registration followed by a lower monthly payment. Additional team/meet fees will be added to the monthly amount throughout the season, as appropriate, and withdrawn on the 1st of the Month, along with your season fees. Season fees will be withdrawn from your account for each swimmer. Example: Gold $67, Silver $53 and Green 1 $39 = $159 per month plus any additional fees.


Automatic Withdrawal Schedule for Fall/Winter Season

  • September registration group will have monthly fees withdrawn on the 1st of October, November, December, January, February
  • November registration group will have monthly fees withdrawn on the 1st of December, January, February
  • Monthly payments are not available for HS Boys Post season and HS Boys Pre Season


Automatic withdrawal schedule for Summer Season

  • Monthly fees withdrawn on the 1st of May, June, July and August.