Work Sessions

If you have a question regarding you Work Session credits, please contact a DASH Board Member.


Swimming is a volunteer intensive sport and we appreciate your willingness to support our swim team! Team hosted meets are completely run by DASH parents.


Jobs and Hours

Each family is required to work a certain number of work sessions, depending on which swim group your most advanced swimmer is in.  Work sessions are offered during our home meets and can be signed up for on DASH’s website.  You will receive an email when the job sign up is available on line.  Each job on the sign up page will show the number of work session credits you will receive for that job.  Meets will have two or three sessions per day lasting approximately four hours long.  Available work sessions are scheduled in either 2 or 4 hour increments.  A team credit of $25 per session, up to $100 per season, can be earned for Officials and Computer Operators once certification is complete. 

Click here for: Job Descriptions 


How to Sign up

Log into your DASH account on the website, then click on the Job Signup tab next to the Attend/Decline tab for the meet.  This will take you to the signup sheet.  The jobs listed below will be broken down into each job, what time the job starts and ends and how many work session credits they are worth. Click on an open line (one without a name on it) under the work session you would like to work and fill in your information.


How to Check Your Work Session Credits

  • Log into your DASH account
  • click on “My Account”,
  • than click on “$My invoice/payments”,
  • than click on “Service Hours” tab 


Work Hours required and Penalties

The number of work sessions required is determined by the group your most advanced swimmer(s) is in.  Requirements are per family not per swimmer.  For example, if you have a Gold swimmer and a green swimmer you are only required to work the Gold work session requirements not the Gold plus Green session requirement.  

Click here for Spring/Summer Work Sessions Requirements

Click here for Fall/ Winter Work Session Requirements

While the majority of our families do the work sessions they commit to, there are some who do not.  We therefore have no choice but to assign penalties for jobs not worked. 

  1. If a worker signs up and does not show, the penalty will be $50 fine applied to your account for the billing cycle immediately following the meet.  If a true emergency arises, you need to find a substitute or, if it is too late, call the administrator listed on the job sign up page.  
  2. If families do not satisfy their work session requirements by the end of the season, they will be assessed $50 fee per work session not fulfilled. 


We will work with you to help you find ways of fulfilling your work session requirements.  Please reach out to us early and do not wait.  Please remember that we prefer to have your time and not your money!!

If you have extenuating circumstances that will not allow you to fulfill your work sessions please email a DASH board member