2018 Riptide Summer Swim Lessons
LOCATION: Dowling Catholic High School, Mark Crouch Pool, 1400 Buffalo Road, West Des Moines, IA 50265



Session I Monday June 4 to Friday June 15
Session II Monday June 18 to Friday June 29
Session III Monday July 9 to Friday July 20


Bubblers Can your swimmer:

-submerge face for 3 seconds

-comfortably float on their front and back with assistance

-swim independently 10ft using a noodle or other floatation device

-jump into water with full assistance


Floaters Can your swimmer:

-submerge entire head for 5 seconds

-float unassisted front and back for 10 seconds                

-swim unassisted  5ft on front

-jump into water to instructor


Paddlers Can your swimmer:

-swim unassisted 15ft on front and back

-demonstrate rhythmic breathing

-tread water for 30 seconds

-jump into water and return to the side independently


Gliders Can your swimmer

-streamline kick on front and back for 3yards

-freestyle with rhythmic side breathing for 15yards

-backstroke for 15yards unassisted

-perform a kneeling dive


Divers Can your swimmer

-swim freestyle for 3 continuous minutes

-swim breaststroke 15yards

-swim butterfly 15yards

-perform a standing dive


Swimmers Can your swimmer

-swim freestyle for 5 continuous minutes

-swim 25yards of all four strokes

-use flip turns

-perform a racing dive from the starting block


If your swimmer can complete all the requirements on this list they should tryout for Dowling Catholic Riptide Swim Team!

To prepare for your first day, please keep these things in mind:

-Goggles will not be allowed in Bubblers or Floaters.  All other classes may bring their own goggles.

-Life jackets or swimsuits with built-in floatation will not be allowed.

-Swim shirts or rash guards can restrict movement, weigh a swimmer down and are highly discouraged during lessons.

-Bring your own towels.


FEES: Group Lessons: $75 for ten 30 minute lessons. Fees are due with registration. A $20 administration fee will be applied to all refunds. No refunds after April 30, 2018 unless request is accompanied by a physician’s statement.

Private Lessons:$100 for five 30 minute lessons. Private lessons may be reserved via email at DCHSyouthswimming@gmail.com. Private lesson payments are due within 7 days of sign up.