"After having three children ages four to ten in other swim programs, the Dowling Youth Swim Program has been the best. The Program Coordinator, Ann Peterson, was quick to answer all questions a parent might have when determining skill levels and selecting class times. Ann made herself available throughout the lesson periods to answer any questions and relay any pertinent information.

The instructors at each skill level were very good at teaching to the skill and confidence level of their students. Our four-year old's instructors were firm yet very fun with the class. Expectations were set and achieved with a lot of fun and excitement. Our seven-year old's skill set went from a 'proficient dog paddler" to confidently performing several swim strokes. Our ten-year-old enrolled at the highest level continued to refine her swim skills with constant encouragement and instruction from her teacher. All the instructors had positive attitudes, 'high five' encouragement, and laughed with the kids while ensuring progress and expectations were meant. As a parent of three kids that have been in four different area programs I highly recommend the Dowling Youth Swim Program."

Mike Eyerly 

"My son was a "non" swimmer for many years despite all our best intentions....and bribery. Nothing could make this child want to swim, let alone be excited about seeing a swimming me, we tried it. We had taken swimming lessons at Dowling for the past several summers and although we made great strides during the sessions, we had been unsuccessful in capitalizing on those gains the following summer, or even later in the summer when we went to the pool with friends. We started this summer like every other summer with a battle to get to the Dowling pool (after purchasing new goggles, nose plug, ear plug, towel and suit.) He was completely terrified, arguing the importance of learning to swim (clearly, he'd just avoid water for the rest of his life...duh) and started the lesson assuming he could get away with doing the bare minimum asked of him in hopes the following two weeks would go by quickly enough, and swimming lessons would be soon forgotten...until the following year when we do the same dance again. However, this year Ann and his instructor made the decision THIS would be the year to push him past his fear and into a joy (or at least acceptance of the pool.) After the first few days I saw his confidence in the pool increase, the smile begin to beam as he realized his instructor wasn't giving up on him and he COULD do it, and slowly the early morning battles subsided. On Wednesday (just day three), the day his day camp went swimming he actually ASKED to go as opposed to claiming he was sick or crying to the point I kept him home. I was impressed and told him how proud we were of this accomplishments thus far. However, nothing could prepare me for the following week's "YES, it's pool day!" exclamation on the way to the day camp or the jumping off the diving board unassisted by noodles at the end of the lesson! He loves to hear us tell the story and show the video to his friends because he could proudly enter 4th grade swimming in the deep end and not terrified of bodies of water. He actually spent most of the summer at the pool when he could. Thank you Dowling Swimming!"

"The instructor pushed me and told me I couldn't give up. I am grateful to my coach who helped me jump in the deep end and never got mad when I took longer than the other kids to do something."

Isaiah, 9 years old


At the end of each session during the 2017 season all families were asked to participate in a short survey.  Here are the ratings and responses from that survey with a total of 118 responses.  All questions were on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the most positive answer.

How would you rank the quality of communication? 64% said 5/5
The average score was a 4.53.

How would you rate the ease of scheduling? 76% said 5/5      
The average score was a 4.65.

How would you rate your instructor? 71% said 5/5
The average score was a 4.66.

How would you rate the value of lessons? 82% said 5/5
The average score was a 4.78.

How likely are you to recommend lessons to a friend? 84% said 5/5
The average score was a 4.77.

Families were also able to write any comments about their experience and here is what they had to say:

“Jake was awesome with my daughter's group. He was full of energy, kept it fun, but kept it safe. He gave each child equal attention. In general, I thought all of the instructors looked like they enjoyed being there and teaching the children. Great experience!”

“Thank you so much for being so invested with our son. We have had swimming lessons other places and the instructors did not act like he/she wanted to be there. You were energetic and involved the entire time and showed a great deal of care. You eased his fears about the water and made him feel confident. We really can't thank you enough!”

“It was especially fun for Benet to have high school boys as instructors - you helped build confidence both in swimming and just generally in Benet feeling good about himself!”

“I liked that the instructor approached me with questions and comments throughout the week regarding my daughter's progress and my own expectations. It made the lessons seem more personalized to her needs and abilities.”