Mission Statement and Club Values


The Riptide Swim Club is part of the Dowling Catholic Aquatics family of programs.  At its core, the Riptide Swim Club has the same values as Dowling Catholic High School.  It will inspire a Christ-centered love of aquatics and respect for fellow human beings through the application of moral principles and excellence.  Riptide Swimming also stresses the six pillars of character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.  All of these values are important as the program is not only here to develop good young swimmers, but to develop good character in an effort to mold the swimmers into outstanding human beings.


Riptide Swimming believes our swimmers should be respected, cared about, and well coached.  Riptide insists this should be done in a safe, healthy and positive environment in all circumstances.  We want every athlete to have a positive experience while being a part of a team that builds physical, social, spiritual and emotional skills.  Some of the greatest memories that a young person has will come from a sports team that they were involved in.  We want our athletes to love participating here and have fun while competing.


The Dowling Catholic Riptide Swim Club will put a tremendous emphasis on respect, sportsmanship and class.


Our coaches, parents and athletes represent the Catholic community here at school, in the community and around the state of Iowa. We have a responsibility, being involved in a program centered on Christ, to treat people with respect and to be good role models while at the same time competing at a high level as a team.


This team is special because we can be the best in terms of respect, sportsmanship and class while still competing at the highest levels of competition.


USA Swimming Club since: September 1, 2010

Founded: September 2008