Who can join the Dowling Riptide Swim Team? Any child age 5-18 is welcome to join the team as long as they can swim a length of the pool in freestyle and backstroke without stopping, grabbing ropes or edge, or putting feet on the bottom of the pool.  Riptide has families of mutliple religious beliefs and swimmers who attend private, public, and home school.     

Will my swimmer(s) still be able to participate in other activities?  Yes, many of our swimmers are also involved in scouts, music, art, theater, community activities, and even other sports!  We expect our swimmers to be good students and good citizens and strive to develop the whole person.

What is the difference between short- and long-course seasons?  The short course season runs from September through March and is called short course because competitions are held in 25-yard pools.  Long course season runs from April through late July/early August with meets beginning in May.  Meets will mostly be swam in 50-meter pools and occasionally swam in 25-yard pools.

What are my volunteer responsibilities as a parent?  In addition to supporting the meets, we need parents to become involved in the various committees necessary to run a successful team.  We welcome your assistance with hospitality, social events, fundraising, marketing and publicity, etc.  There are also opportunities to learn how to run our timing and computer systems and to become certified as an official.  Not only does it set a good example, but the bottom line is that your child directly benefits from your involvement with the team.

Where do I find more information about the sport of swimming?  In addition to the wealth of experience our veteran Riptide families can share, the USA Swimming site is an excellent resource that may be helpful to you.  USA Swimming provides a great deal of information for swimmers and parents and can be found at www.usaswimming.org.

Are parents allowed to coach during workout? We cannot stress enough to parents to please not coach your child at practice or at meets. Teaching is the responsibility of the coaching staff.