SHOULD MY CHILD TAKE PRIVATE OR GROUP LESSONS? Younger children learn well through play and the group environment allows swimmers to be more social and have more “fun” while learning. Games, playing in the water, and making friends all help build confidence and independence while we build skills. Younger swimmers are also more likely to try new things when they see a friend try it first. Our goal is to create swimmers for life and that is best accomplished by learning to enjoy the water first.  Private lessons are recommeded for older, beginner swimmers, or competitive swimmers who have successfully completed all group lesson skills.

WHAT TRAINING DO THE INSTRUCTORS HAVE? All of the instructors are certified lifeguards through American Red Cross. In addition to the lifeguard certification the instructors complete a training course with the program coordinator. The training course consists of a classroom skills session followed by in-water practice with volunteer swimmers. Most instructors will have experience swimming commpetitively, either as swim team members or as syncronized swimmers.  All instructors will have experience working with youth.

WHAT HAPPENS IF MY SWIMMER IS ENROLLED IN THE WRONG LEVEL? Parents are often worried about what level their child should be signed up for. On the first two days of lessons the instructors will evaluate all the swimmers and identify anyone who might have had their skills over or underestimated. If a swimmer is identified as being in the wrong class we will move the swimmer to a more appropriate class if it is available. If moving to another class is not available our instructors are trained to teach multiple levels within the same class as many kids progress at different speeds within a class. Some kids will advance through two levels in one session and others in the very same class may need more time at that level.

I WANT TO SIGN UP FOR MULTIPLE SESSIONS BUT DON’T KNOW IF THEY WILL PASS TO THE NEXT LEVEL. HOW SHOULD I SIGN MY SWIMMER UP? We are flexible! Once you complete your registration we will see you are interested in multiple sessions. We will typically place your second session at a time where your swimmer can either remain in the same level as the first session or move up. We will also check in on your swimmer during the first session and discuss any adjustments we might need to make for subsequent sessions.

IS THERE A MAXIMUM AGE FOR LESSONS? There is no maximum age for swimming lessons. Group lessons are typically comprised of swimmers under age 12. Private lessons have ranged all ages including adults who want to be safer in the water with their kids. We welcome anyone who wants to learn to swim or improve their stroke.

MY SWIMMER IS ON A COMPETITIVE TEAM, WILL SWIMMING LESSONS STILL HELP THEM? We have had USA Swimming state qualifying and regional champion swimmers in their respective age groups take lessons from us! The smaller environment allows us to be more critical of technique than a typical swim team practice. We can chose drills to specifically target different strokes and different results. Most swim team kids will sign up for private lessons. Before starting the private lesson we have the swimmer and their parent fill out a form with any specific aspects of their swimming they would like to focus on during their week.

WHY DON’T YOU ALLOW GOGGLES FOR BUBBLERS AND FLOATERS? For the lowest two levels we focus heavily on water safety. One of the most important skills they will learn is to use their hands for swimming and not for wiping their eyes. If a child falls in the water on accident who has never practiced without goggles their focus will be on clearing the water from their eyes and not saving themselves by swimming to a place to exit the water. Once a swimmer can pass the first two levels goggles become a tool and not a crutch. Swimmers in the upper levels are encouraged to bring their own goggles.

CAN PARENTS WATCH SWIMMING LESSONS? Our pool has a large balcony area for parents and caregivers to watch lessons. With the limited space and slip hazard of the pool deck only instructors, swimmers, and daycare center providers are allowed on the pool deck during the lessons. You may request an exception through the program director for medical necessity.