The Dowling Group Swimming Lessons are designed to give families an affordable way to teach kids water safety and basic swimming lessons. All lessons are taught with a method of cooperative learning, not force. We will work to build skills and confidence in the water in an environment where swimmers feel safe and welcome. We partner with several area daycare/summer care facilities to allow children with working parents the opportunity to take lessons without cutting into their evening family time. All group lessons are scheduled according to skill level. The lowest 4 skill levels have a maximum class ratio of 4:1 and the 2 advanced skill levels have a maximum class ratio of 6:1.

We offer private lessons for swimmers of all skill levels who are at least 6 years old. Before beginning a private lesson we conference with the swimmer and the parent/guardian about what they are hoping to gain from private lessons. This is especially helpful with swimmers who already compete as part of a swim team and are looking to improve certain areas of their stroke.

All of our lessons take place at the Dowling Catholic High School indoor pool. Group lessons are held for 40 minutes Monday through Thursday for two consecutive weeks. Private lessons are held for 30 minutes Monday through Thursday for one week. We have gender specific locker rooms for showering and changing as well as restrooms. We do not have family locker rooms available so we request swimmers use the locker room of their gender if they are older than 6. 

To contact us about lessons, please email [email protected]