The Des Moines Swimming Federation or DSMF was started in 1982 with the mission of helping kids of all ages and abilities reach their full potential in the sport of swimming.  A USA Swimming Club, DMSF trains kids to be great swimmers. It’s a community that loves swimming and helping kids reach their goals in the sport—whether it’s swimming in high school or college, or just getting started swimming competitively.

Reaching Potential at Every Turn
It's our goal at DMSF to provide the opportunity for every swimmer to progress to the highest competitive level he or she can achieve. That’s why we offer training and programs to challenge each person to do their best in the sport:

  • Coaching for swimmers who want to compete at a high level develop their physical conditioning and technical swimming skills
  • Starter to mid-level programs to help swimmers improve their stroke and racing techniques and gain competition experience. Swimmers progress through training groups their skills and confidence grows.