A Community that Loves Swimming

Des Moines Swimming Federation coaches guide athletes in swimming fast and building a love of the sport. You don’t have to get in the pool to be on the team, though. The larger DSMF community creates the environment for kids to be their best.

A parent-run, 5013c organization, DMSF families support the coaches in running the team. Parent volunteers serve on the DMSF Board, officiate and host meets, and organize team fun. Most of all, they cheer on every athlete wearing DMSF blue and gold.

DMSF Board

DMSF is managed by a volunteer parent board of directors, who help manage team operations, staffing and programming. Directors are elected to a two-year term by the general membership at the annual team's October meeting.  The board generally meets monthly. All board meetings are announced ahead of time and are open to the general membership.
Board President:   Meredith Otis  
DMSF Ambassadors
These parents of swimmers in each age group are available to answer your questions regarding DMSF and the sport of swimming. They have had all the same questions you have had and can help you find an answer!

Super Group and Bronze: Meredith Otis  
Silver: Meredith Otis
Blue: Amber Siever

Swim A Thon
Coordinates the team's major fundraiser, typically held in the spring at the start of long-course season.

Board Sponsor: Stacey Artikov
Committee Member: Amber Siever

Fundraising/Sponsorship Committee
Coordinates fundraising programs for the club, which has included dining out with a cause, lane sponsorships at meets, AmazonSmile, etc.

Board Sponsor: Marcia Treichel
Committee Member: Stacey Artikov​

Committee Member: Tina Fisher

Marketing Committee
Coordinates advertising and promotion for the club.

Board Sponsor: Amber Siever​
Committee Member: Sarah Lepert

Hospitality/Concession Committee
Solicits donations and coordinates food for coaches & officials during DMSF-hosted meets.

Board Sponsor: Pam Gillaspey​
Committee Member: Alissa Smith
Committee Member: Amber Siever
Committee Member: Christy Hickman

Meet Management Committee
Coordinates DMSF-hosted meets to ensure the best experience possible for athletes and their families by recruiting volunteers, organizing meet activities, planning apparel and more. 

Board Sponsor: Meredith Otis
Committee Member: Stacey Aritkov

Social Committee
Makes DMSF a fun experience for athletes through social events like team dinners and holiday celebrations. 

Board Sponsor: Meredith Otis
Gold Representatives: Danna Pins, Kris DeJong​

Blue Representative: Tina Fisher, Stacey Artikov
Silver Representatives: Stacey Voynov, Kris Powell
Super Group/Bronze Representative: Ashley Thoreson

Vision Committee
Looks forward to anticipate and adapt to changes in the swim community and within the team, such as pool space, staffing and more. 

Board Sponsor: Amber Siever
Gold Representatives: Jeremy Pins, Jeff Fisher, Matt McDevitt

Blue Representative: Matt McDevitt, Josh Otis, Amber Siever, Alissa Smith
Silver Representatives: Alissa Smith