Des Moines Swimming Federation training groups help each athlete find their own path to developing swimming skills and confidence. Training is tailored to age and ability. Talk to a coach to get a recommendation on the training group to enroll in first.

Gold: Senior level training group. USA-Swimming 15 & Over BB times are required. Approx ages: 14 & Over. 
Gold is DMSF’s highest training group that prepares athletes for competitions at the zone, national, and college levels. Gold athletes hone their competitive edge by with challenging, everyday swimming and dryland workouts. This includes double workouts at certain times of the seasons. Gold athletes are TEAM's competitive leaders both in and out of the pool. Required meets include IASI Championships, Sectionals, Futures, and USA-Swimming National level events. 

Practices: Workouts are offered 7 days per week. Athletes should attend a minumum of 4 days (during Covid 19 pandemic conditions). Training duration is 1.5 to 2 hours each session (plus dryland sets). 

Blue: Pre-Senior level training group. USA-Swimming 13-14 BB times are required. Approx ages: 12 & Over. 
Blue emphasizes building aerobic capacity as athletes transition from age-group to senior-level training programs. Athletes learn to focus on refining techical aspects as intensity and training frequnecy increases. Required meets include IASI Championships and DMSF home meets. 

Practices: Workouts are offered 6 days per week. Athletes should attend a minium of 4 with a maximum of 5. Training duration is 1.5 to 1.75 hours (plus dryland sets). 

Silver: Intermediate level training group. USA-Swimming 11-12 BB times are required. Approx ages: 10 to 14 years old. 
Silver athletes build strength and technique in each of the four competitive swimming strokes. Athletes focus on the development of their strokes, kicking and body position, and seasaonal training patterns. Required meets include IASI Championships and DMSF home meets. 

Practices: 4 workouts per week are offered, athletes should plan to attend at least 3 with a limit of 4. 1.5 hours each day, plus light dryland.

Bronze: Getting started in competitive swimming. Red Cross Level 5 skills required. Approx ages: 7 to 12 years old. 
Bronze athletes learn all four competitive swimming fundamentals so they’ll be ready to start racing in meets and training on a seasonal basis. 4 to 6 in season meets are offered along with ISI Championship level events (should the athlete meet qualifying times).  

Practices: 4 workouts are offered per week, athletes should attend at least 3. Training sessions 1 hour to 1.15 hours. Light dryland is included. 

Super Group: Open to swimmers ages 7 to 12 with Red Cross Level 3 skills required. Super group is a pre-competitive program to learn about the basics of competitive swimming. This is the group to step-up from swimming lessons to learning about training and techniques for racing. Super group athletes work on kicking, drills, proper body postion, and other fundamental aspects to enhance their abilities and confidence for 1 to 3 sessions before moving into the Bronze level training group. 

Practices: 3 days per week, 30 to 40 minutes each session. 6-week sessions