Signing up for meets

  1. Sign in on the tab on the left.
  2. Look at the meet information to see which days and which events for which you wish to enter.  Meets typically allow 3-5 events per session. 
  3. On our home page look for the "Events" tab and click on the top right tab "Attend/Decline" or "Edit Commitment" (if you need to edit your previous entries.
  4. In the "Declaration" box choose Yes-I plan to attend
  5. Write in any notes the coach will need to know such as "I need to leave early-no relays at the end", or "I will be late for warm up so please check me in"
  6. Choose events you wish to swim.  If you need guidance, please talk it over with your coach.

Notes:  1)  Relay entries will be made by the coach compiled of available athletes at the meet.  2)  Once entered into a meet, the swimmer is financially obligated to pay for entries, even if they have to pull out.  3)  Please respect the meet deadline as indicated on our website under each meet title.