Davenport Metro Membership Fees


Fall/Winter Registration Fees

$160.00 registration fee for all groups BUT Bridging Group.

$110.00 registration fee for Bridging Group

Registration Fee INCLUDES the 1st months group dues.

Group Dues Billing Dates =  September (included in registration), October, November, December, January, & February.


Spring/Summer Registration Fees: $100.00

Spring/Summer Season Billing Dates = April (included in registration), May, June, & July. 


~ Monthly Dues (Charged the 1st of the each Month through out the season) ~



Bridging Group = $50/month.

8 & Unders = $65/month.

9-12 Year Old's = $70/month.

13 & Olders =

 - Senior 2 (13 & Olders that have acquired Silvers (SCY) or above Q times) : $85/month.

- Senior 1 (13 & Olders below Silvers qualifying standards (in SCY)): $75/month.

*All swimmers must be registered members of USA Swimming. 

*Each parent must (individually) complete the Safe Sport Training for Swim Parents in order to complete their registration for the team.* Link to the parent training is here:


*Each swimmer (12 years of age and older) must individually complete the Safe Sport Training for Athletes in order to complete their registration for the team.* Link to the athlete training is here:


Registration can be found online at our website homepage:

**Swimmers need to be registered for the season before attending their first practice!**


Due to COVID-19, tryouts will be by appointment only. 
Contact Head Coach Josh Hopewell @ [email protected]